Data and code resources related to our ongoing research and publications. Code is made available from the TaylorLab GitHub repository. Primary nucleotide data goes to the main public sequence repositories (e.g. GEO, SRA) but other data and re-processing of publicly available data is made available through the Edinburgh DataShare under the Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics Research Group collection.

Lagging strand replication shapes the mutational landscape of the genome
Reijns MA, Kemp H, Ding J, de Procé SM, Jackson AP, Taylor MS.
Perl and R Code
Auxillary data files
Primary emRiboSeq sequence data GEO:

SuRFR: Prioritising candidate functional genetic variants
Ryan NM, Morris SW, Porteous DJ, Taylor MS, Evans KL.
Vignette (PDF)
Manual (PDF)

Quantifying missing variant calls
Variant detection sensitivity and biases in whole genome and exome sequencing.
Meynert AM, Ansari M, FitzPatrick DR, Taylor MS.
BMC Bioinformatics 2014 [PMID:25038816]

Quantifying single nucleotide variant detection sensitivity in exome sequencing.
Meynert AM, Bicknell LS, Hurles ME, Jackson AP, Taylor MS.
BMC Bioinformatics 2013 [PMID:23773188]

R-code for genome and exome variant detection sensitivity: