Professor Martin Taylor Principal Investigator

Directing the research focus of this group and occasionally still wading into analysis. Group leader at the MRC Human Genetics Unit since 2010. Previous research experience at EMBL-EBI (Cambridge) and the University of Oxford. Board member of the Genetics Society, IGMM Director of the Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme. [more]

Dr Rob Young Senior Research Associate

Research centred on the regulation of gene expression and how this relates to the evolution of both the genome and biological systems. Rob previously completed a PhD with Prof Chris Ponting in Oxford.[more]



You? Research Associate position to be filled

Post currently advertised, closing date 27th September 2016

Jonathan Moody. PhD student.

Jonathan Moody

Jonathan Moody PhD Student

Jonathan’s PhD project is focussed on microRNAs. How natural genetic variation in them impacts their function. The identification of their regulation targets and working towards a better understanding of how miRNA are targeted. This work is carried out in close collaboration with the group of Dr Greg Kudla. Jonathan is due to finish his PhD in 2016.


Lana Talmane

Lana Talmane PhD Student

Lana is working to understand the patterns of new mutations that occur in the human germline, in particular those associated with the fidelity of DNA replication. Lana is due to complete her PhD in 2018/2019.

Dr Thomas Christie Williams Clinical Lecturer and PhD Student

Thomas is a Paediatric Registrar with an interest in evolution. His work examines the functional and mutagenic consequences of ribonucleotides incorporated into DNA. Thomas is due to finish his PhD in 2020. [more]


Extended Team

People working closely with the research group but officially affiliated elsewhere

Dr Victoria Svinti

Victoria Svinti

Dr Victoria Svinti Research Associate

Dr Victoria Svinti

Tracy Ballinger

Dr Tracy Ballinger Research Associate